Beard-Pal care & break in

When you order your Beard-Pal not only do you recieve a hand crafted leather comb wallet it also includes both combs.

The beard comb is made from horn and is gentle on your beard. Horn actually polishes the hair follicle instead of tearing at it like a cheap molded plastic comb does.

The mustache comb is made of a high quality static free saw cut plastic that easy on your mustache.

Care instructions

Leather wallet: As with all things leather there is some breaking in that will need to take place. The fit is tight to begin with but with usage the combs will get easier to remove form the pouch.

When you start to use the Beard-Pal slightly squeeze the edges of the wallet to remove the large beard comb first then remove the smaller mustache comb until it loosens up.

To condition the pouch use a good quality neutral shoe polish (if and or) whenever it appears to need conditioning.

Combs: Wash your combs with soap and water and dry thoughly.

Keep your combs away from extreme heat and do not soak the beard comb.

Soaking the beard comb will result in permanent damage to the comb.